85: The Power of Community with Seth Ehrlich

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Seth Ehrlich learned early the value and opportunity that exists within a strong community. He has engaged for more than 20 years in community engagement and building. Projects include multiple collaborative efforts and his professional work with SOS Outreach over the past 15+ years. 

He currently serves as executive director for the organization and is dedicated to connecting talent to opportunities for kids and adults associated with the program and growing the organization's impact across current and potential sites. 

He moved to the mountains 20 years ago and found a home there. He and his partner have two kids, and being out on skis with them has been a magical part of life.

Join us for this conversation about the power of community engagement, giving students access  to the talent and skills they have, and helping them use those skills to address needs in their communities.

  • How Seth’s passion for community engagement began.
  • Using the power of the outdoors to grow and maintain connection in communities.
  • The SOS Outreach Curriculum, based on key character traits and a grounding in social-emotional learning.
  • Helping all students access their talents in an equitable way.
  • Partnering with schools to create a full circle experience where students can use the skills they learn in real life situations. 
  • The importance of students addressing the needs in the their communities.
  • The circle of love and how it shows people that they are a valued part of their community.


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85: The Power of Community with Seth Ehrlich